Shikhar Ghosh

Chairman of the Board of Advisors

Shikhar Ghosh is the Chairman of IndUS Growth Partners’ Board of Advisors. Presently a professor of Entrepreneurial Management at Harvard Business School, Shikhar has been a successful entrepreneur for three decades as founder and CEO / Chairman of eight technology-based entrepreneurial companies including Apex Corporation and OpenMarket.

He has appeared in hundreds of media outlets, from “The Wall Street Journal” and “Fast Company” to “Interactive Week” and CNET. “Business Week” called him one of the country’s “Best Entrepreneurs” and “Forbes” named him one of the “Internet Entrepreneurs and Masters of the New Universe”. Shikhar is the director of many early stage companies and the youngest and first Indian partner at the Boston Consulting Group. Mr. Ghosh holds a BA from Bombay University and an MBA from Harvard.