Why IndUS?

Our leverage extends well beyond the Balance Sheet

We believe that true value is created over time by marrying solid businesses with growth capital, market expansion, and operational expertise. We support existing management with long-term equity and, where needed, working capital. We leverage our existing platforms to assist with operating efficiencies and, for businesses seeking access to the Indian growth story, we utilize our extensive social and business network to facilitate entry into the growing consumer and commercial markets of India and South Asia.

We seek long-term partnerships, not exits

Our objective is to build long-term operating entities that are competitive in the global marketplace. To accomplish this, we invest in best-in-class capabilities and technologies and then use our global footprint to improve cost-position and expand market access. With absolute control over our capital, there are no LPs or capital calls to make and therefore no pressure for exits. While we are open to monetizing assets—and have in the past with the sale of Piramal Health Care Solutions for almost $4 billion at 30x EBITDA—we are long-term investors focused on creating value, not achieving exits.

A Proven Track Record

Over the past 25 years, the Piramal Group has achieved an IRR to investors of 27% and profits of acquired businesses have achieved a 36% CAGR. During this period the group invested in over 25 companies in 5 countries and now serves customers in 50 countries. These accomplishments stem from a combination of strategic acquisitions, continued long-term capital investments, and enduring partnerships with leading global companies. Click for more information on the Piramal Group.