The Piramal Group adds value to businesses by efficiently helping them access the Indian growth opportunity. IndiaLink and the Piramal team bring experience in facilitating access to the Indian marketplace and growing portfolio businesses into major global players.  Specifically, Piramal focuses on providing the following capabilities.

Local Partnership

India remains a largely closed economy to foreign business. However, IndiaLink facilitates access to India’s burgeoning marketplace by providing on-the-ground support.

Bureaucratic Know-How

Our India launch team has the experience to handle the challenges of complex tax codes, regulatory constraints, and hiring practices.

Industry and Marketplace Expertise

Our team consists of experts and professionals who have worked in a variety of industries within India including (but not limited to) pharmaceuticals, defense, financial services, and infrastructure. These individuals  have a proven track record of experience that ranges from consulting to the management of Fortune 500 companies. Our advisors have collectively capitalized upon hundreds of millions of dollars in growth opportunities and carefully executed cost savings measures throughout their careers.


Knowing the right people is critical in achieving successful expansion in all markets, especially in India. For more than 30 years, the Piramal Group has been a leading name amongst India’s most important business circles. The IndiaLink team therefore has the ability to enable the relevant and requisite access in all Indian sectors.

Operational Infrastructure

IndiaLink offers turn-key operating solutions for businesses expanding to and within India by leveraging the Piramal Group’s operational presence across the subcontinent and world.

Global Distribution and Support Networks

The team of Piramal Group affiliates has run a 5,000 person sales and distribution network across India and has controlled distribution access into 600,000 retail and pharmacy locations. IndiaLink brings global knowledge and networking capabilities that build sales and marketing presence and provides local support.

Cultural Liaison

Though we rely on the same set of western laws and accounting practices as companies in the US and Europe, Indian cultural norms can be difficult to navigate. Our Indian Ambassadors understand western business practices and norms and, in turn, are able to assist partners in developing an understanding of the Indian business culture’s nuances.